Gloryhole Secrets Sadie

Boy we have a treat for you this week. Welcome the sexy, sweet and oh so very horny Sadie to our Gloryhole Secrets. She has never been in a gloryhole booth before and is super excited to see the dicks push through the hole right into her mouth. After her interview Sadie gets up and calls the guys back for some oral fun.

Cock number 1 comes through the hole soft and she takes him into her mouth and sucks away. He grows big and fast, she uses her awesome blowjob skills on him until he is ready to unleash his cum load into her mouth. She misses some and it lands on her big beautiful lips, she makes sure to scoop it back into her mouth and swallows it.

She moves over to cock 2 and he is already hard, she slaps his dick around on her tongue then takes him deep down her throat. She teases his cock with her tongue, mouth, hand and lips. She deep-throats him and uses her pretty eyes to flirt. She pulls off her tank top, no bra underneath and he reaches through to play with her tits and hard nipples. She takes his cock and rubs it all over her nipples then continues to suck and stroke him until he pops his man juice right into her mouth. She plays with it before she swallows. She pulls off her shorts, boots and even her thong panties. She shows off her fit naked body.

Cock 3 pushes through the hole hard and ready for his turn. She takes him deep into her mouth, gagging herself. She slaps his penis on her gorgeous face and goes right back to dick sucking. She spits on him giving him a juicy blowjob/handjob mix. You can hear him moan and groan as he cums into her mouth.

Actors: Sadie

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