Gloryhole Secrets Payton 3rd Visit

Happy Halloween! Back at Gloryhole Secrets for her 3rd visit, Payton does yet another spectacular job at blowing 15 strangers and swallowing their cum loads. She talks about her sister, Robin and wondered if the guys would find it kinky if her and her sister pleasured the guys in the booth together. Hmmm we’ll see. She is dolled up in her blue princess dress and can’t wait to strip it off. She pulls the dress down and plays with her all natural perky titties.

Cock 1 reaches through the hole and enjoys playing with her nipples, getting them hard. He pushes his soft cock through and she gets down on that right away, sucking him deep and hard. She sucks, strokes and plays with his balls. He grows big in her sexy warm mouth. When he is ready to let his cum loose she opens her mouth and takes it on her tongue, making sure to drain him. She shows his big load then swallows.

Cock 2 is has a little wood as he pushes through the hole, of course he gets rock hard in no time as Payton blows and jerks him. She rubs her tongue all over his shaft, then sucks and plays with his ballsack. She moans and groans, this cum lover just loves dick. Period! Cock 3 reaches through the hole feeling her nice ass and excited pussy as she sucks cock 2’s head super fast until he is ready to explode his man juice right on her tongue. She scoops his semen up from her lips and pushes it into her mouth then enjoys swallowing his cum shot.

Cock 3 reaches through the hole feeling her tits and ass. She stands up and performs a sexy strip out her dress. She shakes her booty and caresses her naked body. She puts her pussy up to the hole and he enjoys rubbing her clit and pussy. His cock grows hard. She licks him up and down, then inserts him into her mouth. She sucks deep and fast. She pleases him by jerking, sucking and licking until he squirts into her mouth giving her a big oral creampie and she love every drop. She even blows bubbles with it, teasing him with his own cum.

Actors: Payton

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