Gloryhole Secrets Nikki 1st Visit

The sexy blonde bombshell, Nikki is super excited for her 1st visit to Gloryhole Secrets. She is ready to suck and swallow some strangers cum. She admits she is a dirty little whore, so sit back boys and enjoy the show. After her interview she stands up in her super sexy, very short shorts and calls the guys back. The first cock pushes through the hole soft, Nikki wastes no time wrapping her big dick sucking lips around him and away she goes. She slurps his cock down and asks if he likes it sloppy. You can hear him through the hole say “yes!” She sucks his ball sack and then devourses his dick. She sucks him and plays with his balls at the same time. She takes out her nice big tits, spits on them and then rubs his dick all over her breasts. She smacks his cock around, all over her hard nipples. She pulls off her top and continues to please him until he is ready to squirt his cum load into her mouth.

She moves over to cock 2, strips off her shorts and gives him a nice shot of her big juicy ass. She gets down and sucks his cock, he grows hard and big in her mouth. She takes charge and pleasures him in no time, he pops his jizz into her mouth and all over her chin. She thanks him and moves to cock 3. She strokes and sucks him and he gets hard in her mouth. She plays with her tits and he also wants to, he reaches through the hole and feels her nice soft tits. She turns around and he slaps her ass. His cock is big and hard for her now. She rubs him on her tits, then really jerks and sucks him fast. She enjoys dirty talking to him and giving his head extra attention. She spits all over it as she moans and groans. When he gets ready to cum, she opens her mouth and takes it.

Actors: Nikki

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