Gloryhole Secrets Jenna Clove 1st Visit

At first glance, young, petite, unassuming Jenna Clove doesn’t look like a ravenous sex freak who could suck the chrome off the bumper of a 1974 Camaro. However, looks can be deceiving. Our 21-year old girl in the Gloryhole Secrets booth this week is a real she-wolf in lamb’s clothing. Right off the bat, she rates herself somewhere between a 7 and a 10 on the 10-scale, but the more we talk to her, the more she reveals she thinks she’s really closer to a 10. You’re about to see that Jenna is much more than just talk as she sucks off ELEVEN STRANGERS and SWALLOWS ALL ELEVEN LOADS. Did we mention that this is Jenna’s 1st Visit in a gloryhole? No? Well, it is, which makes her performance even more impressive and unbelievable for her young age. Equally impressive for her age is her experience in the BDSM world. Not only does she have the resume of somebody many years her senior in the dungeon world, but she also plays both sides of the field. She can be a dom or a sub. Today Jenna knows she can’t let any of her guys’ cum hit the floor, but if it does, she is going to get a sick thrill out of licking it up off the floor. She likes being a good little slave. “Brat” is the name Jenna likes to be called when she is being a naughty sub. She only needs to be corrected a couple times, but she does need to get put in-line with that name when she misbehaves. Jenna left some of her wants and desires on the table for next time. She wants to be slapped around more and face-fucked even harder next time, if she comes back.

Actors: Jenna Clove

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