Gloryhole Secrets Gia Vendetti

You’re in for a treat. This week we have a rarity in the booth, a GLORYHOLE VIRGIN on Gloryhole Secrets! That’s right; until now, 27-year-old Ms. Gia Vendetti has never been in a real gloryhole. We feel honored to be the ones popping her anonymous blowjob cherry. Gia is a tall drink of water, 5’8″, to be exact. She even hits 6′ with those heels on, but those are the only thing she is wearing by the end of her gloryhole marathon. Before her appearance, Gia had only blown a maximum of five guys in one day. Today she takes to sucking off strangers like a fish to water, a largemouth bass, in fact, as she sucks off ELEVEN dicks in her first gloryhole effort. She has an amazing technique of deep-throating and sucking the cum out of these guys’ dicks like a straw. Imagine what she can do next time we get her back in the booth for round two.

Actors: Gia Vendetti

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