Gloryhole Secrets Esperanza del Horno 1st Visit

Esperanza del Horno comes to Gloryhole Secrets for her 1st Visit. We have a vivacious and horny little 20 year old to enjoy today. Some general sex questions before the fun begins. She gets wet by sucking cock. Wow, so cool. She looks latina but she is from The Netherlands. (For you geniuses out there, that is in Europe.) She is half-dutch and half-spanish so she is only really a half-latina. (But 100% a blowjob queen.)

At 6:00 she is moving the chair, dropping onto her her knees and at 6:20 has the first dick in her mouth. Mitt was right! Her eyes do look even better while she is sucking dick! She has a nice suck only technique with a touch of ball licking thrown in just for fun. She is clearly enjoying herself and taking her time with the cock in her mouth. At 8:20 she does her best to deepthroat him and tries to lick his balls on the deep part of the downstroke.

Some nice hot gagging sounds at 8:54 and at 9:10 she is topless and getting back to work on lucky dick number 1. At 10:40, after gagging herself on him for a while she sucks at his balls, and then back to bobbing for sperm. At 11:40 she is still working on the first dude and Mitt asks her if she is having fun. Esperanza gives a little smile and a nod and dives back onto the cock. At 11:45 she gives a perfectly adorable glance at the camera, the beauty of it marred only by the cock right in her face … err, maybe that makes it even better. You decide!

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