Gloryhole Secrets Claudias 1st Visit

Welcome the busty beauty, Claudias to our Gloryhole Secrets. She talks about how she loves the mystery of a gloryhole, wondering who the guy is and how much that turns her on. She likes to tease and please, sounds like she is in the right place. During her interview she opens her legs and gives us a little peek of her sexy panties. She talks about her hairless asshole that she just got lasered. Of course we want to see that, she turns around, pulls down her panties, sticks her ass up in the air, she pulls her ass cheeks apart and yes it is hairless. She shows her pussy hair and how she is starting to make a heart shape out of her hair. Cock #1 reaches through the hole and grabs her big huge titties. His cock comes through the hole with semi wood, she moans and groans as she sucks and licks it. She rubs it on her hard nipples and he is ready to cum. She takes him into her mouth and sucks the hot jizz right out of his dick. She pulls off her shirt down to her bra and notices he has a little cum left, she doesn’t want to miss a drop. She pulls off her bra and shakes her big breasts. Cock #2 pushes through the hole and she says how much she likes his hard cock. She takes him into her mouth and starts to worship him. She plays with her tits as she pleasures him. She licks his thick cock and takes him all the way down her throat, when he is ready to explode his cum shot, she opens her mouth and he squirts his semen right on to her tongue and of course she loves to swallow.

Actors: Claudias

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