Amateur Allure Kinsley Anne and Allie Nicole


Watch Kinsley Anne and Allie Nicole on Amateur Allure. Kinsley is 21 years old and met Ray at a local coffee shop. She saw what was on Ray’s laptop while he was working and wanted to try it out for herself. Once Ray’s dick is in her mouth Kinsley relaxes and gives him a nice suck job. She opens her throat nice and deep so Ray rewards her with a thick load to swallow down. Next up is Allie Nicole, a 19 year old server from Texas standing 5′-2″. Allie gets to work milking Ray’s cock with her mouth and hands. Once her pussy is wet she leans back for a good pounding. Rays penetrates her tight pussy in multiple positions before fucking her throat. When he can’t take it anymore Ray delivers a hot load right down her throat!

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